Event/project manager
I have been working for myself in the educational and travel business for 5 years. We have created more than 30 events from 50 to 300 people on various topics in the field of healthy lifestyle, culture, psychology and art. Many years of experience in organizing healthy lifestyle and travel program activities for corporations. I will be glad to invest experience and energy in a new workplace. Also, I have found the NGO which had a lot of social projects
Field of professional interests
Я специализируюсь на информационных и образовательных проектах, связанных со здоровым образом жизни, путешествиями, культурой.
Я делаю обширные исследования для каждого проекта, узнаю все о целевой аудитории, создаю бизнес-план и концепцию.
— Create content
— Create online products
— Organize offline events
— Product description
— Travel concierge / air / hotels / routes
— Make press releases
— Texts for landings
— Create websites
— Design pictures for posts/posters
— Manage social networks
— Write and edit articles

Professional skills
Experience with charitable organizations
Work with contractors and preparation of TS
Creating presentations and design skills
Travel management
Content generation for social networks (SMM)
Creating an Event Concept
For the last 5 years I have created 5 projects through the different sphere
Longevity school. Organized corporate outreach programs in Italy, Cyprus and Georgia with accommodation, visa and flights for 100 people
Wellbeing programes. Launch of Ukraine's first corporate health projects for employees. Our customers include EBA, American Chamber of Commerce, Genesis, Mars, SnapChat, ING Bank, GSK, Phillip Morris, Puma
Licensed Charity Partner Achieved sponsorship of the largest Charity Organization of Ukraine "100 percent life" .
Online courses. Created and launched online courses on nutrition, coronavirus, which were watched by more than 3,000 people

Anti-age school. Created and launched online school of preventive and anti-age medicine for doctors

I am from Ukraine.
Because of the Russian aggression I had to leave my country. Now I live in Lisbon and ready to work with company all over the world
Telephone/WhatsApp/Viber: +38 093 731 23 56